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2 Main Reasons You Should Switch to No Mask CPAP

The continuous search for effective and comfortable sleep apnea treatments led to the development of a new CPAP technology, the CPAP no mask nasal interface system. This is like the typical CPAP mask without the mask and the headgear. If the absence of headgear and mask does not convince you enough to switch to No Mask CPAP, here are the two main reasons you should consider using it.

Why should you switch to No Mask CPAP?

  • What it doesn’t have
    Some essential parts of a typical CPAP device cause inconvenience for patients. Below are the parts you will not find with the new CPAP no mask nasal interface system:

    • Straps. Some masks have very tight straps which make them feel claustrophobic. These may cause pain, skin irritation, and pressure sores. Most masks also have chinstraps to prevent removal, but users report having problems with using CPAP masks with straps.
    • Headgear. This part is one of the major causes of problems, such as difficulty sleeping and feeling of suffocation. Headgears can leave painful pressure sores just like the straps.
    • Full face mask. Although CPAP masks are made to cure breathing disorders, full face masks tend to cause claustrophobic, uncomfortable feeling. With the CPAP no mask nasal interface system, there’s no discomfort to worry about.
  • What it has
    You may be wondering how the No Mask CPAP can render the same effect without the mask, the straps, and the headgear. Well, here are the parts that make the difference:

    • Nasal puff assembly. It allows a moderate amount of oxygen to enter the nose to avoid too much pressure on the nostril. It helps lessen the dryness and stuffiness of the nose upon waking up.
    • Exhalation diffusers. These reduce the irritating inhalation and exhalation sounds which usually hinder you from having a sound sleep.
    • Boil N’ Bite Mouthpiece. It is attached to the teeth to ensure that the CPAP device is intact and will not be unintentionally removed from your face while you are sleeping.
    • Curved bracket. It makes the CPAP mask without headgear customizable and adjustable according to the user’s facial size and features.
    • Corrugated tubes. These allow patients to move even with the device freely.

You see, nasal CPAP mask without headgear does not only take away the discomfort of curing sleep apnea. It also offers you better alternatives to overcome breathing disorders more conveniently and comfortably.

Are you still suffering from sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that affects over 18 million Americans today. It is a serious condition that is usually characterized by loud snoring, sudden awakenings with shortness in breathing, morning headaches, and attention problems. Sleep apnea also triggers fatigue, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, metabolic disorders, and liver problems, among others. Hence, it is imperative to find the best treatment now and end your sleep frustrations.

To date, one of the most preferred treatments for sleep apnea is CPAP therapy. It is usually a mask placed over the mouth or nose, which applies mild air pressure into a person’s airway to keep it open during sleep.

Although it has been proven effective in treating sleep apnea and preventing complications, some patients have various complaints about it including feeling suffocated or claustrophobic due to the straps, skin irritation and pressure sores caused by leaky masks, and dry mouth and stuffy nose. Some masks are also easily removed during the night and other causes patients to find difficulty in sleeping.

End your sleep frustrations now!

Make the big switch to CPAP mask without headgear and experience a comfortable and adequate good night’s sleep. Contact us now, and let our CPAP Pro specialists help you find the perfect No Mask CPAP for you!