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How New CPAP Masks are Revolutionizing Sleep Apnea Treatment

Around 18 million Americans, from children to adults, suffer from sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder wherein a person experiences interrupted breathing while sleeping. Left untreated, people with sleep apnea often stop breathing during their sleep, sometimes as frequent as a hundred times throughout the night. What this means is that the body, most specially the brain, does not get the oxygen it needs. Fortunately, innovations, such as new CPAP masks, are revolutionizing sleep apnea treatment.

Quality of Life and Sleep

Science has established time and again the link between sleep and quality of life. Night after night of interrupted sleep can have severe health repercussions for those with sleep apnea. They are vulnerable to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks. Mentally, they can also suffer from depression, anxiety, and even worsening of ADHD. Untreated sleep apnea can also lead to underachievement in school, in the workplace, and in social interactions.

Thankfully, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) masks are now available for patients who simply want a good night’s sleep. CPAP masks have seen rapid development during the past three decades. Many kinds of masks and machines are available out there today. Unfortunately, not every CPAP equipment is comfortable or convenient. The invention of new CPAP masks has completely turned this around.

Sleeping with a Mask On?

While early designs were built with good intentions, they didn’t quite deliver what sleep apnea patients needed. These early designs incorporated a full CPAP face mask with tubes and straps that tend to be cumbersome and downright uncomfortable.

Users reported disturbed sleep because they had to adjust the contraption from time to time. There was also very little freedom of movement— sleeping on your side is not easy when you’ve got a full mask attached to your head. In addition, these machines are also reportedly noisy. Instead of treating the condition, CPAP face mask sadly contributed to the problem.

Giant Steps in CPAP Technology

New technology has transformed the field for sleep apnea patients. Advanced equipment, such as the CPAP Pro and CPAP Pro II have completely eliminated the use of bulky face masks. Instead of looking like a complicated medical apparatus, these devices look more like hand-held gadgets. Here are some unique features that set these devices apart:

  • Instead of straps, the mouthpiece adheres gently to your teeth.
  • Tubes are flexible, which means you can sleep in your favorite position with no problem.
  • Are you a mouth breather? The CPAP Pro II can be affixed to both the upper and lower teeth, ensuring normal breathing.

With devices like the CPAP Pro and CPAP Pro II, you might even forget you’re wearing anything. This is great news not only for those with sleep apnea, but also for loved ones who don’t have to stay up anxious  that their bedmate will just stop breathing during sleep.

Sleep Tight through the Night

Thanks to innovations like this, people diagnosed with sleep apnea don’t have to worry about their sleep anymore. While sleep apnea is still a serious condition, inventions like the CPAP Pro and CPAP Pro II provide serious solutions.

Want to know more? Call our sleep experts now to learn more about CPAP Pro, CPAP Pro II, and what they can do to help you leave sleep apnea behind!