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Stevenson Industries, Inc.
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Simi Valley, CA 93065
Phone: 800-538-8803

Attention Medicare Patients!
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QUICK ANSWERS To The Most Often Asked Questions

  1. Will the CPAP PRO work with my cpap(pap) machine? Yes the CPAP PRO will fit into your long hose.
  2. Do I have to change pressures when I switch to the CPAP PRO? NO.
  3. I open my mouth during sleep. Will the CPAP PRO be good for me? Yes. most patients will not need a chinstrap or full facemask with this product because of the unique mouthpiece.
  4. I have Medicare? Go to for information and forms.
  5. I have private insurance. Contact your insurance company and determine if you are eligible for a A7034 cpap mask.
  6. What is your return policy? The CPAP PRO can be returned within 30 days of order placement. If the see-through packaging has been opened the FDA does not permit return because of potential virus transmission.
  7. Can I use a cleaning machine with the CPAP PRO? Yes.
  8. Do the nasal puffs come in different sizes? Yes. Small, Medium, or Large. We send the medium with the original order.
  9. For More Information Visit Our FAQ Section